Fallout Shelter is Out NOW on PC – Here’s How to Download It

Fallout Shelter is finally out on PC, and you can get it today! The city-building (OK…Vault building) game set in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the Fallout Universe makes it PC bow today and here is a handy guide on how to get it.

Step 1 – Sign In / Sign Up to Bethesda.Net

fallout shelter 01

If you already have a Bethesda account then sign in, otherwise click the Join Now link to the right of the page, shown above. Usual process, enter your deets, verify email once they send you a confirmation, then ensure you’re signed in and on the Bethesda Homepage…

Step 2 – Download the Bethesda Launcher

fallout shelter 02

Right, a lot of people apparently have been having issues with finding where to download the Bethesda Launcher. So here you go. On the main Bethesda page once you’re logged in, you’ll see a download icon to the left of your username (see above) click it, then follow the on-screen steps to download the launcher, and run. (It will do a “First Time Setup”, log into the Bethesda Launcher using your Bethesda Account.

fallout shelter 03

Step 3 – Download & Install Fallout Shelter, Play, Enjoy

Once you’re signed into the Bethesda Launcher, you’ll see 2 icons on the left side of the window, one is for Fallout 4’s Creation Kit, the other is for Fallout Shelter. Like the picture below shows, once you’re on the Fallout Shelter screen, you just click the install button, and bing-bang-boom you’re good to go zoom.

fallout shelter 04

Once the game is installed you can just crack on and play, and for me personally, it’s a great relief, as mentioned in a previous article I’m happy with this thanks to my larger fingers and small phone screen not creating an optimal playing partnership…

But there you have it, a comprehensive guide to downloading the Bethesda Launcher and getting the brilliant Fallout Shelter for PC. Enjoy!

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