RGM Impressions – Day of Infamy

snapshot9Day of Infamy takes you back to WWII. Battling the Nazis in the trenches of Bastogne and the Red Dog section of Omaha beach. Does the game give you the need to head back to WWII to fight for the Allied Forces or the Germans? Or does it fall short in giving you the WWII shooter you may have wanted to get back to.

snapshot0Day of Infamy is brought to you by the creators of Insurgency. So far the game has had me go through every type of emotion. I hurt, I cried, I raged and I cheered in victory. The game is so challenging. If you are the type of gamer that likes hardcore modes. This game is what you have always wanted .

snapshot7The game has single, and Multiplayer co-op. With your standard multiplayer having 3 game modes and six maps. Each of them taking place at a location during the events of WWII. The maps are of a good size and somewhat of a decent balance across the board. Each map plays a bit differently as far as what your approach will be. On Bastogne, I found my self crawling more than running because of the snipers. On Comacho, trying to navigate safely through streets and broken down buildings was a dangerous task. It felt like there were people everywhere. The game has this high level of tension because death was around every corner. Every place you go you will more than likely have an encounter. Its not because the maps are small, its because once you get into areas with lots of buildings it becomes a rats maze of destruction.

snapshot1Realism with weapons is what I think when I talk about games like Arma, Squad and Insurgency. All of these games pay close attention on how guns really act in the real world. The recoil, the aim down sight. The feeling of when you shoulder a weapon or try to grab your side arm – it feels legit. Day of Infamy is made by the guys from Insurgency so you wouldn’t expect any less from this game. Also when I think of realism I think of the hit boxes. I have always complained how in some shooters you get dead on head shots and guys just don’t go down. In this game guns do damage like they should when they hit certain hit boxes. I guarantee you wont be putting clip after clip into people to down them. At times a few shots or half a clip will do the trick if you can balance the recoil. Same with pistols, if you head shot a guy he will go down with that 9 mm. But there is a trade off…

snapshot4Calling Day of Infamy hardcore is an understatement. Remember the trade off I left you hanging on? Well the trade is that you are gonna die. Like, you are gonna die a lot till you get the hang of it. I died so many times I felt like I was playing Dark Souls the shooter. It was so frustrating because you can get clipped from a ways out by a sniper and are like “WTF!”. But once you see that kill cam you see your got head got popped like a melon. Also spawning is done in waves, so if you die early you better get used to waiting.

snapshot8While the game is fun it does have its issues. Sometimes the hit boxes aren’t where they should be on some of the more beefier guns. I understand that this game needs some tweaking, but it seemed that even at point blank with a LMG you cant hit the side of a barn. Also I did notice some folks getting into areas they shouldn’t be in. The single player AI is so beastly that you might break your keyboard out of rage before you can finish a single mission. Most folks will squad up and do Campaign missions rather than go solo. But as I mentioned before the AI is so beastly that you will get wiped a few times until you get into a rhythm. I personally like the brutal realistic difficulty but some folks looking to jump to hardcore scenario games may shy away from it. It’s almost like rather than there being a learning curve it’s more like climbing a mountain. Graphically it’s not on par to its predecessor Insurgency as of yet, but I expect that to change here in the near future.

snapshot10Day Of Infamy is sill in Alpha so I can’t really give a grade to a game that not finished. But if I did it would get a very high score. I love the challenge. The realistic approach the game has with weapons. The scrambling of trying to stay alive while reloading clips in the mazes of buildings. Oh my God the flamethrower. Trust me you want to use it at least once its so much fun. Let me put it this way. If Medal of Honor, Insurgency, and Counter-Strike had a baby together it would be Day of Infamy.