Star Citizen – First Person Tech and Gameplay Video

A new video has been released by Roberts Space Industries showing off the tech and gameplay of Star Citizen’s FPS mode. Specifally the Vision Stablisation and you can visit the website to view the video here.

As well as looking like a polished rogue-like space sim, it looks as though it’s going to be a very polished first person shooter as well – in short, with it’s various aspects from a space sim, to an open-galaxy explorer, to a first person shooter to an RPG with many quests and side quests, let alone the A-List cast of actors and actresses, Star Citizen has everything it needs to be one of the greatest games ever made.

This isn’t an off the cuff comment made because a couple of trailers and gameplay vids look good, it’s based on the evidence available. The sheer enormity of Star Citizen is breath-taking, the detail in everything that is involved in the game is unfathomable and once it is fully completed it will no doubt be a game to be reckoned with; a blurring of lines between a video game and a complete immersive experience that will shatter the mould of what video games are and are expected to be.

What do you think about Star Citizen? Will this be the complete gaming experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, the RGM Forums or on Twitter.