Titanfall 2: Pilots Gameplay Trailer Released

New trailer for Titanfall 2 showcases the pilots abilities

EA and Respawn have just released a new gameplay trailer on YouTube for Titanfall 2, showcasing the core of the Titanfall experience, the Pilots.

The trailer shows off the movement and abilities of the pilots, including all the Titanfall staples: wall-running, vertical shooting and neck snapping to name a few. The trailer is explosive and plenty varied. With a very cool looking one on one at the end with some type of cloaking ability involved.

With just over a month to go before the game releases on October 28th, the hype and excitement is certainly building. If you’re not sure what it’s all about, the original Titanfall is available on EA Access and Origin Access as part of their subscription services. Of course you can always pick up your own copy too. Well worth it.

It was revealed recently that the boxed PC version of Titanfall 2 will be disc-less.

Are you psyched for Titanfall 2? Will you be picking it up on release? Let us know in the comments below or on the RGM Forums.