Skate 3 Now Available through EA Access

Yay for Skate 3, reignites passion for Skate 4

skate 3 in the vault

EA Access is an increasingly impressive feature on the Xbox One (and lesser so on PC). Allowing subscribers free access to an increasing number of full titles (both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games). Today we have learned that highly praised skate-sim Skate 3 is now available in the vault, right now!

Users on Reddit discovered the news when the game began appearing in the players ‘Ready to Install’ section on their Xbox One consoles. Any EA Access subscribers will have any additional titles added into their ‘ready to install’ area as they become available. This sometimes happens without warning, as has been the case with Skate 3. Any Xbox 360 titles added to the Vault also indicate that the game is now backwards compatible.

If you haven’t played a Skate game, it is essentially a skateboarding sim game. In the same way that Forza and Gran Turismo are simulator racing games. The anti-thesis to Skate are the Tony Hawk games which are more arcade like, in the same way Burnout and Need for Speed are to racing games. Skate 3 is highly revered and has been high-up on gamers requests for backwards compatibility for a while now.

Inevitably, talk devolved to Skate 4. A sequel, long awaited, that we are seemingly not anywhere closer to seeing. This is in spite of a tweet that supposedly teased the development of Skate 4. A tweet from a senior manager at EA.

EA later followed up to this tweet stating that Skate 4 was not happening. Though this could be just that EA did not want to announce or confirm anything at this time. It could well be in development. Though fans have to want it…oh boy do they want it! If you make a trip to EA’s Instagram account you will be find some rather funny comments on a large majority of EA’s posts.

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