New Star Wars Battlefront II behind the scenes trailer

Battlefront II behind the scenes
This new footage shows what has gone into the development of Inferno Squad

A new Star Wars Battlefront II behind the scenes trailer has been revealed. In this video, the developers from Motive Studios weigh in on the development of the campaign. Some of the voice actors also make interesting comments about Inferno Squad and their role. In particular, Janina Gavankar, the voice of Imperial protagonist Iden Versio, has quite a bit to say about the character and how she reacts within a changing Empire.

Here’s the new trailer:

The focus being given to single player aspect of the game is definitely reassuring, especially after the lack of a dedicated campaign in 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront. Personally, I still think a campaign from the Empire’s perspective is a great idea however, obviously we’ll have to wait and see the final product. For more behind the scenes footage, take a look at this earlier video focusing on Iden Versio.

That being said though, the multiplayer is looking very promising as well. There’s some footage from E3 2017 showing a battle from the Prequel Trilogy of films if you want to see the Clones in action. If you’re interested in any information about the upcoming beta, check here. Remember, Star Wars Battlefront II releases on November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.