Sea of Thieves Hunter’s Haul is happening now

Hunter's Haul

Players who have been enjoying Sea of Thieves may have not noticed that the game has a fishing contest going on right now called Hunter’s Haul.

Merrick has decided that he’s willing to part with some Doubloons to players who are willing to spend the time fishing. The first week of this competition will have players catching all types of fish to earn 250 Doubloons. The rest of the time players will need to catch specific fish in order to complete the two other tasks.

To keep track of how many fish you and your crew have caught bookmark this link. Also, this web site shows off the three challenges that players will have to complete to earn those Doubloons and a special figurehead.

The event started at 10:00 am GMT today and will end on March 9th at 23:59pm. This is just another reason why players should be out enjoying this game. Rare is still giving Sea of Thieves so much love and attention.

Some areas of the game may seem a little empty of other pirates, this is because they might be out looking for those Tomes of Resurrection or the new cursed chest. Hopefully, I will see you out and about fishing during Hunter’s Haul.

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