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Sunday, December 10, 2017

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2017 Video Game Awards

The winners of the 2017 Video Game Awards have been announced

This year’s Video Game Awards have been held live, which you can check out below, featuring world premieres of Bayonetta 3, Witchfire, Soulcaliber VI...
Death Stranding's new trailer

Death Stranding’s new trailer is absolutely bizzare

If you've been keeping up with Kojima's new project since it was announced, you might have noticed a pattern developing: it's absolutely weird. After...
Metro: Exodus

Metro: Exodus has an exciting new trailer

Announced earlier this year at E3 2017, Metro: Exodus got an awesome new trailer at the 2017 Game Awards. If you've played Metro: 2033...

Sea of Thieves release date announced!

If you've been waiting to get your hands on Sea of Thieves, you don't be waiting much longer. At the 2017 Game Awards, Sea...
Soulcaliber VI

Soulcaliber VI has been announced!

The announcements keep on coming, as a major fighting franchise is making its grand return. That's right, Soulcaliber VI has been announced at the...
Game Awards 2017 Flash Sale. Best deal : Nioh at 50% off

PSN Game Awards 2017 Flash Sale

Tonight is a night of celebration for video games, with the 2017 Game Awards. There are quite a few sales including: a special Game...
From Software's new game

From Software’s new game announced with a teaser trailer

Uh, wow. From Software's new game has been teased at the 2017 Game Awards and, well, just take a look for yourself. The video description...
next Tomb Raider game

The next Tomb Raider game is being revealed in 2018

While we've known for some time that a new Tomb Raider game was on the way, there hasn't been a truly 'official' confirmation of...
Warhammer II: The Laboratory

Total War: Warhammer II: The Laboratory promises insane experimental fun

While things have been a bit quieter on the Warhammer II front since the release of Mortal Empires, that doesn't mean nothing is happening....
PlayStation Store Weekly Sales - December 5th, 2017. Deal of the week : ESO: Morrowind at 50% off.

(US/CAN) PlayStation Store Weekly Sales – December 5th, 2017

After a couple of weeks where the sales were just crazy in importance, quantity and quality, this week's PlayStation Store update is a LOT...
Destiny 2's Prestige Raid

Destiny 2’s Prestige Raid now requires Curse of Osiris

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is now live, with players enjoying the new Heroic Strikes, story content, increased level cap and more. There is...
God of War's release date

God of War’s release date has possibly leaked

PSX 2017 is right around the corner but one of the surprises may have already leaked. In fact, God of War's release date may...
Monster Hunter: World beta

Monster Hunter: World beta details revealed

Announced earlier this year, Monster Hunter: World is latest game in a series with a long-running tradition of encouraging players to find and fight...

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